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Bachelors Degree in Private Security:
A bachelors degree in private security will prepare you for management positions in private and public security firms and agencies. You will gain technical and professional competence in the field of security.

You will know the difference between security and law enforcement. This will enable you to work within the law while carrying out your duties.

This bachelor’s degree program can be completed in 36 to 48 months. You will take such classes as:

1. Introduction to Organizational Security
2. Introduction to Security Management
3. Management of Domestic Security
4. Planning Crisis Response
5. Managing Crisis Response
6. Private Security
7. Security Administration Process
8. Legal Issues in Security Management
9. Border and Airport Security
10. Etc.

Any classes you take in the bachelor in private security degree program can be transferred to a masters degree in private security degree program in case you want to continue your education. This is because most of the classes you take will be what is covered in the first 2 years of a bachelor degree program.

When you graduate, your skills will help you manage and run security organizations, both in the private or public sector. The skills below you acquire will come in handy:

a. Crisis Management Skills
b. Crisis Response Skills
c. Business Administration Skills
d. Human Relation Skills
e. Criminal Investigation Skills
f. Criminal Report Writing Skills
g. Oral Communication Skills
h. Private Security Design Skills
i. Public Security Design Skills
j. Etc

Private Security Salary:
People with bachelor’s degree in private security make excellent salary. The average we have seen is $72,000 per year. This varies depending on where you work.

We have seen salaries in the six figures. Of course, this type of salary comes with years of experience and service. It also comes with progressive responsibilities.

Bachelors Degree Private Security Schools:
There are very few schools that offer bachelor’s degree in private security. One that we found is Bellevue University. They offer a bachelor of science in security management.

You can get the above degree online and on campus. You can not go wrong with either choice. Bellevue University is one of the leaders in online learning.

You need to request their no obligation free information to see for yourself.
You can do so by clicking this link.

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