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Bachelors Degree in Corrections:
A bachelor’s degree in corrections will prepare you for supervisor positions in corrections in state and local correctional facilities. These supervisor positions will give you increasing and challenging responsibilities.

With the above degree, you will be able to effect change and be a pace setter for the facility you work for. And helping effect change is a good thing.

It must also be pointed out that a bachelors degree in corrections prepares you for entry level positions in federal correctional facilities. The federal government correctional facilities require a level of professionalism that they feel only somebody with a bachelor degree can bring to the job. Such skills as riot and crowd control, hostage negotiation, tactical response can only be acquired in a well rounded bachelor degree program.

A bachelor’s degree in corrections can be completed in 36 to 48 months. Upon graduation, you will have the skills necessary to:

1. Conduct in-depth analysis of correctional issues
2. Recommend solutions to the above correctional issues
3. Develop tactical operations response in correctional facilities
4. Plan and develop community re-introduction guidelines for offenders
5. Analyze ethical issues for correctional organizations
6. Assess legal issues for correctional facilities
7. Discover current trends in corrections systems
8. Understand historical issues in correctional systems
9. Develop management information systems for correctional facilities
10. Etc.

You will gain broad knowledge in adult corrections and juvenile justice. This broad knowledge is so crucial if you want to succeed.

Those who successfully navigate this program can look forward to exciting careers and jobs. You will gain employment and assume such positions as:

a. Warden
b. Correctional Officer
c. Corrections Supervisor
d. Probation Officer
e. Parole Supervisor
f. Corrections Administrator
g. Parole officer
h. Juvenile Correctional Officer
i. Etc.

Bachelor Degree Corrections Salary:
A bachelor’s degree in corrections does indeed pay. People with a bachelor degree make $22,000 more per year than people with associate degree. This is a difference one can not just dismiss. It does pay to get a bachelors degree.

Also, this bachelor’s degree makes you employable at the local, state, and federal correctional facilities. This gives you more options when it comes to marketing yourself.

Bachelors Degree Corrections Schools:
We know a school that offer bachelor’s degree program in corrections. Both schools offer this program online, as well as on campus. The other school is Kaplan University. You can also follow this link to get their free information.

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