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What is ATF Agent?
Violent crime can be a scourge to society. When you throw alcohol and firearm to the mix, you can get into explosive situations. This is where ATF agents come in.

ATF agents enforce laws concerning the possession and sale of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. They also regulate the firearms and explosives industries. ATF agents work for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is under the U.S. Treasury Department.

ATF and its agents are responsible for the following:

1. Preventing Illegal Manufacturing and Distributing of Alcohol
2. Preventing Illegal Possession of Firearm
3. Preventing Criminal Use of Firearm
4. Preventing Illegal Possession of Explosives
5. Preventing Trafficking in Counterfeit and Contraband Cigarettes
6. Preventing Tax Revenue Losses from Alcohol and Cigarettes to the States
7. Etc.

As you can see, the ATF covers a broad spectrum. So much so that it has 4 divisions within it. The 4 divisions are to help it bring focus to each area.

An ATF agent should be prepared to deal with hardcore criminals. Such criminals could be terrorist organizations. These organizations involve themselves in contrabands to help finance their illegal and unlawful activities.

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