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Associate Degree Computer Forensics
Computers and other digital devices are getting more and more complicated. It seems our lives are stored on these devices.

This has made them the target of thieves. Once these thieves get their hands on this information, they can do so much damage to our lives.

This has led to a new frontier in the battle against crime. This is where computer forensics investigators come in. Their job is to investigate and recover the information stolen by the criminals.

An associate degree in computer forensics will prepare you for entry level position in this field. It usually takes 18 to 24 months to complete. You will learn such things as:

1. Data Recovery and Analysis

2. Information Security

3. Security Management

4. Introduction to Computer Forensics

5. Ethics in Computer Forensics

6. Firewall Protection and Security

7. Incidence Response

8. Incidence Handling

9. Forensics Analysis

10. Etc.

The good thing about getting associate degree in computer forensics is that the classes are fully transferable. If you decide later on to get a bachelor’s degree in computer forensics, you can start your classes in the 3rd year of a bachelor degree program.

This is a profession that requires both computer and investigation skills. So your training must cover these two areas. You may have to go to court to testify against a criminal. It is critical that you have the technical know-how so you are convincing in your testimony. So, it is advisable to acquire the following skills to get yourself ready for the real world:

a. Oral Communication Skill
b. Technical Report Writing Skill
c. Investigation Skill
d. Information Security Skill
e. Computer Programming Skill
f. Legal Skill
g. Etc.

Associate Degree Computer Forensics Salary:
This is one of the highest paying associate degrees you can get. The average annual salary is $59,000, from search on Of course, your pay will continue to increase as you gain more experience and years of service.

This is not surprising. This career is exploding. There’s no better time to get in than now. And it is projected to continue to grow in the future.

Associate Degree Computer Forensics School:
We know a good number of schools that offer an associate degree program in computer forensics. Some of them offer the program online and on campus. And as we said above, in as little as 18 to 24 months, you will have yourself a college degree in one of the highest paying and highest growing profession in the world.

If you do nothing else, at least get a free no obligation information and check it out. You can do so by following this link to get started.

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