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We have found another state of Colorado University that offers criminal justice degrees online. Below is the profile and review.

Aspen University Online Criminal Justice School:
Aspen University is a state of Colorado University that was established in 1982. It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. The address is:

Aspen University
501 South Cherry Street, Suite 350
Denver, CO 80246

Aspen University offers the following undergraduate and graduate criminal justice degrees online:

a. Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice:
Increasingly, more state and federal government law enforcement positions are requiring those interested to hold a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or policing. The Aspen University bachelor of science in criminal justice prepares graduates to meet this requirement.

The program helps students understand the scientific study of crime, criminals, law-making process, criminal justice system, and the handling of offenders. Graduates will be able to implement innovative solutions as it relates to law enforcement, criminal investigations, and administration and management of criminal justice systems.

The prospective students interested in this program should be prepared to tackle such courses as:

1. Technology in Criminal Justice
2. Introduction to Criminology
3. Police Management
4. Homicide Investigation
5. Traffic Law and Accident Investigation
6. Investigation of Arson
7. Law Enforcement Violations and Discipline
8. Etc.

b. Master of Science in Criminal Justice:
This graduate degree in criminal justice prepares graduates for advancement in their criminal justice career. You will gain advanced knowledge of the criminal justice and law enforcement processes, like police patrol procedures, the courts, terrorism, forensic science, correctional systems, and parole and probation procedures.

Graduates will develop advanced understanding of ethical practices and professionalism, advanced research in the collection and analysis of criminal justice data. They will also develop problem solving skills to identify and implement solutions to criminal justice systems issues and problems.

Prospective students can expect to take the following classes:

1. Police Administration
2. Forensic Science
3. Interview and Interrogation
4. Law Enforcement Management
5. Communications in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
6. Terrorism and Homeland Security
7. Use of Force in Law Enforcement
8. Etc.

If you are looking for undergraduate or graduate criminal justice school online, you should consider Aspen University. You need to check them out yourself to see what we mean. You can request for their free information by following this link.

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