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What is an Air Marshal?
If you enjoy flying and visiting different places, the federal air marshal career is perfect for you. Air marshals live like airline pilots. They live out of suitcases and fly from one location to another.

In a nutshell, air marshals perform law enforcement in the air. Their primary function is to protect passengers and crew in the event of terrorist attack on the airplane. General working condition involves being able to do or handle the following:

1. Disguise yourself as an ordinary traveler and maintain a low profile that allows you to blend in with other passengers. This makes it difficult for terrorist to know who you are and allows you to take them on by surprise.

2. Carry firearms on airplanes and make arrests without warrant. This will most likely require minimum force to avoid catastrophic situations in the air.

3. Maintain limited contact with your family while on duty. You can be assigned to duty anywhere in the world at any time.

4. Be an excellent marksman. You need to be able to take out terrorists without killing other passengers or putting a big dent on the aircraft. In fact, federal air marshals have the highest firearms qualification standard of all law enforcement agencies and are some of the best marksman in law enforcement.

5. Etc.

How to Become an Air Marshal:
To become a federal air marshal, you need 3 years of previous work experience. The experience can be gained in investigative, professional, administrative, technical, or other progressively responsible work.

You can replace the above 3 years of experience with a bachelor degree. While no majors are specified, there can be no doubt that a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, policing, or law enforcement can give you an upper hand against the competition.

There are online schools that will allow you get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice without disrupting what you are currently doing. Some of them in as little time as 15 months. One of them is AIU online. Follow this link to get their free no obligation information.

Another one is Kaplan University. You can also follow this link to get their free information. It may be a good idea to get both information and see which one suits your schedule the best.

Additional requirements are:

1. Be a US Citizen
2. Be Under the Age of 40; this used to be 37 years
3. Pass and Maintain Top Secret Clearance
4. Pass and Maintain Annual Wellness Fitness and Medical Standard
5. Pass and Maintain Firearms Certification
6. Pass and Maintain Regular and Random Drug and Alcohol Testing
7. Etc.

Air Marshal Salary:
Federal air marshals work for the government and are on the federal government pay scale. Searching through, those on the entry level scale make from $35,100 to $54,300 per year. Those on the high scale make from $52,200 to 84,739. As you can see, these are not the types of pay to sneeze at. This is indeed a career worth going into.

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